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Charles DeLesline Foster

 The 1st African American person to attend and in 1970 graduate from the Citadel as a Cadet.

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Charles D. Foster Graduating Class 



Join us in a “new-wine” in “new-wine-skins” approach to the age-old “dietary” problems that still plague the health of countless residents within peninsula Charleston.  The residents of our immediate community years have suffered from Several health disparities e.g., heart disease, diabetes, and stroke—in relatively young African Americans. Other diseases e.g., High Blood Pressure (hypertension), Cancer, and Peripheral Artery Disease, are now attributed to lifestyle choices. And Sickle Cell Disease is inherited but can now be treated through medicine and lifestyle choices.


We will “tackle” certain health issues, that are a struggle for people of African American descent and others through nutritional foods (preparation) and nutritional education.

The “Galley” will: 

  • Feed nutritious meals weekly (Saturdays, 10:00 am – 11:30 pm) to more than 150 indigent persons e.g., music, message, and a meal.

  • Provide 3 meals daily during the summer months for 3rd-4th grade young people who will attend our leadership camps/and afterschool ministry.

  • Offer “healthy living” using nutritional meal preparations and education (demonstrations by certified nutritionists from local medical facilities e.g., MUSC)

  • Provide 1,500+ meals three times annually (Easter, Thanksgiving & Christmas) for Charleston Elderly citizenry housed in Senior Citizen Facilities or as needed.

  • Provide emergency “non-perishable” food needs through our “15’ x 15’ pantry and limited perishable foods as needed e.g., fire, loss of job, etc.

  • Sustain the operational abilities of the “Galley” through income-producing activities e.g., rental of the kitchen to local chefs and food-related organizations.

  • Raise income through a special Friday, Saturday night, and Sunday afternoon dinner theatre.  30% of the “net” income derived will be used for “academic” scholarships, in honor of Charles DeLesline Foster, for minorities and young ladies at the Citadel.

  • Develop afterschool, summer military, and 1st responder programming for at-risk 2nd – 4th graders, e.g., healthy food preparation, mathematics, science, and grammar.  Will provide 3 meals daily during the summer months for 2nd – 5th-grade young people who will attend our leadership camps/and afterschool ministry.

  • Serve 45,000 meals in 2023-2024 through various activities.


2023-2024 ACTIVITIES (proposed)

  • 3 - Peninsula-wide “Feeding of the Multitudes"                                                           

  • 12 – Gatherings – Older Americans                                                                                

  • 12 – Gatherings – Single Head of Households                                                              

  • 24 – Community-wide Forums/”Equipping, Instructing and Counseling"                  

  • 24 – Special Gatherings


January – April; September - December: Afterschool Programming                                           May-August:  Summer Leadership Day Camp



  • "Restore" the Commercial Kitchen to the restaurant quality it once experienced.

  • Assist with providing the educational and nutritional programs within the community to address the ongoing health disparities being faced.

  • Assist in awarding a $25,000 annual scholarship for two (2) African American female graduates from Burke High School.


Your donation is greatly appreciated and will be tax deductible. 

Mail Tax-Deductible Contributions: 


Agape Ministries, Inc.

Remarks: The Galley

Post Office Box 21847

Charleston, SC 29413

"Thank you for your kindness towards our community"

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